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Турнікет кровоспинний / Hemostatic Tourniquet – Edelweiss




Тканина: стропа ремінна чорного кольору, поліпропилен

Розмір: 97×4см

Фурнітура: пластик, PET

Турнікет українського виробництва, компанії  “Edelwelss”. Розроблений на основі різноманітних закордоних зразків. Турнікет пройшов Доплер тест. Пластикові деталі та стропа пройшли метрологічні випробування. Також, готовий виріб пройшов стендові випробування на довготривале навантаження.

Edelweiss Hemostatic Tourniquet
Made in Ukraine!
The Edelweiss tourniquet was created by Ukrainian engineers to provide an effective, domestically produced lifesaving device to supplement their nation’s immediate demand for combat-appropriate tourniquets. They sampled and examined scores of current tourniquet designs, developing their own unique model based on the successes and failures of those evaluations.  Manufactured in the heart of Ukraine, this tourniquet can be produced and delivered directly to front-line units and emergency areas in the shortest possible time, eliminating the waste of valuable time and resources lost on shipping products from abroad.

The Edelweiss tourniquet has been independently tested for effectiveness of design and strength and suitability of materials. Doppler imaging from an independent lab confirms the tourniquet effectively and safely stops arterial flow, each component exceeds the standards for military use by Ukraine’s armed forces, and messages are already reaching the team at Edelweiss from wounded soldiers whose lives have been saved by this critical tool.

Components:  black polypropylene webbing, PET (polyethylene terephthalate) hardware
Size:  97×4 cm